November 2 2019

What are laces? How to remove and prevent sores?

The laces are a minor evil that we all go from time to time and, although they are quite annoying, even painful in extreme cases, you should not worry as long as you take certain precautions when you play sports. What are laces? It's clear
October 23 2019

Aquatic Exercises in Swim Spa

First I would like to clarify that aquatic exercises are one of the most complete exercises that can exist today, since they force us to move many more muscles, cause resistance and significantly reduce wear. He
August 20 2019

Calcium-rich foods, what they haven't told you so far

There are many myths and fallacies that are said about diets and food and, how could it be otherwise, some of these myths also come in relation to the issue of calcium you need
August 19 2019

Should we adults drink milk?

This is a question that may seem very obvious: you don't see reasons not to drink milk, right? Well, this is not so clear, especially considering two facts that you might not know: The human being is
August 18 2019

Homemade protein shake to prepare in 5 minutes

All those who go to the gym and need to recover after a hard weight session, in most cases we do it by taking a protein shake supplement. However, either for economic reasons
August 17 2019

Special: vitamins and minerals, what are they for?

In our weekly special today we want to talk about two of the elements that are most neglected in our diet day after day: vitamins and minerals. “What are vitamins? What are minerals for? That
August 16 2019

How to avoid fluid retention in our body?

Fluid retention is a problem, more or less serious depending on the case (although it does not usually have negative effects on health unless it is very extreme) that usually occurs very often in women, especially when they experience
Jul 22 2019

Carbohydrates: what is the glycemic index?

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy of the human body and must have a great presence in your diet: around 50% of the macronutrients you eat (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), they must be of the first type, put
1 June 2019

The secret to lose weight: choose well the carbohydrates you consume

Did you know that by controlling the carbohydrates you consume a little you can lose weight easily and that in many cases the excess body fat is not due to fatty foods but to those that are rich in “bad” carbohydrates? Nobody
31 May 2019

How to remove abdominal fat

Eliminate that abdominal fat that we have left over for the summer and show off a slender body with marked abs is everyone's or almost everyone's dream, right? Well, in I have Cards we will tell you a secret on how to eliminate